Why Tour?

With the pace of technological developments and access to the internet and social media, our world has become a very small place and we are interacting with people around the world daily and instantly. Being exposed to international travel, further narrows that gap from the cyber-sphere to the physical experience that is incomparable.

If it is a school sports tour or cultural tour you’re planning – there may be a purpose behind it such as a tournament or festival you’ve been invited to attend, or you simply want to give your students the opportunity of travelling to experience the world, interact with other cultures and broaden their thinking and experiences.

Benefits of touring:

  • For Pupils – team building, skills development, exposure to international team competition, cultural interactions are a few of the key areas that your team will come home with. They also make new friendships and strengthen their existing ones.
  • For Staff – it is also a beneficial development opportunity for staff to grow themselves in areas of planning, discipline, team building & management.