Tour Tips & Info

Group size – You will be given prices based on ‘minimum’ numbers. What this means is that the services which are shared, such as the coach transportation is divided by the total number of paying participants. Therefore, it is recommended to try to have larger numbers in order to reduce costs.

Combining tours – this is a good way to reduce costs. Ie: combining a cricket tour with a squash or tennis team so as to increase the size of an otherwise small touring party – thereby spreading the costs over more participants. It is also offers smaller sports teams the opportunity to take part. Cultural, academic participants and team supporters are also welcome to join in.

Tour Cost is often the deciding factor which can be an enormous undertaking for parents and for many, this may be their first tour overseas and for some possibly a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. We strive to provide the most affordable options whilst still offering the most inclusive and comprehensive program. It is important to remember that travelling as a group may require some inclusions that are compulsory for all participants and mutually agreed. Some optional items like entry fees to attractions can be discussed.

Tour Managers – you may have your own staff who you appoint as tour managers. We recommend 1 staff for 10 pupils. Please remember that the more accompanying staff, the higher the participants tour cost will be as the staff costs are divided amongst the group. If you have paying staff or sponsors to pay for one or more of the staff, that will help keep the kids costs down. We suggest staff share accommodation as well so as to reduce individual prices.

Group Flights – group flights have certain benefits such as blocking seats well in advance for the tour dates with a deposit. Names are only required 6-8 weeks prior to travel or as per the airline contract. Name changes can be made at a fee without losing the seat. All passengers are booked on the same flights for safety and convenience. Seating is normally pre-blocked together by the airline for ease of control of your group. Most airlines have a requirement of minimum 10 seats to qualify for a group fare. Certain airlines require a minimum of 15 or 20 seats.

Airfares, Fuel Surcharges & Airport taxes – Airfares are confirmed at the time of depositing with the airline. Fuel surcharges and airport taxes are variable elements and are only secured when the airline tickets are physically issued. This can be done once full payment is made for the group.

Baggage allowance – normally 20-23kgs per person for checked luggage + 1 carry on item. Certain airlines permit more luggage. Domestic flights may have lower limits to your international flights. Low cost airlines charge for luggage and extra services such as seating and meals.

Transport – coaches are best when transporting teams with luggage and equipment. In a city that offers public transportation, this is a more affordable means of getting around and is recommended for the sightseeing days.

Match fixtures – planning the tour will require the proposed list of tour participants and ages in order to secure the most suitable match fixtures for the age and level of your team. For contact sports such as rugby, we suggest 2-3 days between matches. If it is a festival with multiple games on one day, they may be a shorter duration.

Meals – it is recommended to include breakfasts at the hotels and certain dinners can be included so that the budget can be set more accurately. Lunches may be pre-arranged if the option is available or are arranged at the host match venues or on are purchased ‘on the fly’.

Foreign Exchange – we will recommend a company to you to handle your foreign exchange prior to travel. They can come to the school at a designated time to do a handover. We can provide you the details of the various types of foreign exchange available for your chosen destination. Funds can be loaded onto an ‘debit card’ and this facility can be topped up by you while your child is on tour.

Travel Insurance – this is highly important and each tour member must take out travel insurance. This covers them for medical treatment to loss of baggage, flight delays and personal liability. Your own medical aid cover is not sufficient.

Tour Kit – this is something that can be extremely useful and make your tour look very professional, not to mention having a memento of your trip when you return. We can help you source tour gear which can be branded with your school logo and tour name. Hopefully you will have a school benefactor who will sponsor you!

Documentation – you will be provided with a travel wallet containing your tour itinerary, airline ticket and other necessary documentation. We recommend that you have a designated staff member to keep the passports secure when not in use.

Rate of exchange – this is a volatile element in all overseas tours and can have a significant impact on the tour price which cannot be guaranteed. Therefore with the early deposits, after securing flights, we will pay over as much as possible to our suppliers to ensure that the best rate of exchange is obtained.

Marketing – creating awareness of your tour is important. We are happy to attend a presentation to address parents and pupils and highlight the develop some excitement and anticipation. We are also happy to discuss payment options with parents.